Our school

Our school
This is our school which is in the centre of Warsaw.

Sunday, 3 June 2018


Today I was learning to school, and doing some projects. I'm was also looking for a dress for a ball, and I found it. I have to go to buy a heels and come up with some makeup and hairdo. In two weeks we have a ball, I can't wait. I wonder what the theme of the ball will be. I'm curious how polonaise will come out
Tosia O. 3f


This day was a really weird day. I was in hospital, because I fainted, so that was second day of doing nothing. At the evening I went to the cinema for "Tully" with my bestie. This film was strong, but also really good. In bed I thought about the fact that practically in a few days I would finish my gymnasium
Tosia O. 3f


This day was really hot and good, because today there wasn't school. Actually I didn't do anything interesting. I'm just sat and did nothing.
Only in the evening I went for a barbecue at my best friend's house. I spend a lot of great fun with my friends.
Tosia O. 3f

Monday, 28 May 2018

Polish sailing ships: Fryderyk Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin certainly needs no introduction, but in the sailing world, a ship under his name is just as famous. It was put to sea in 1992 from project Zygmunt Choreń (the same architect who designed Pogoria). Fryderyk Chopin (it is the biggest brig in the whole world) had its debut in the Columbus Regatta (across the Atlantic) and took 3rd place. It is a brig - sailing ship's type, which is very fast (the pirats' favourite type of ship). It took part in every Operation Sail since 1992 and raced against the fastest sailing ships in the world. In 2011 in The Culture Tall Ship Regatta Fryderyk Chopin was awarden two times: it has 3rd place in its class and for the best comunication with jury.
The idea of building Fryderyk Chopin is teaching youth hard work and sailing and giving them the best school of their live. 
This was fulfilled on Chopin's deck until a disaster - both its masts were broken by very strong wind - 11 degrees of Beaufort scale - its 60 knots (115 km/h)! It was violent storm where wave height reached 15 meters! Ship was in big trouble, especially because it was 160 km from land. Fish cutter helped Chopin, but later asked for a lot of money, which was too much. Ship had to be sold, so Piotr Kulczyński bought it. As an effect, now it's fulfilling its duty as a "blue school"- a sailing school for Polish students looking to travel the world. 

General characteristics:
tonnage: 400 t
lenght: 55,5 m
depth: 3,8 m 
sail area: 1200 square metre 
crew: 53 person

Mateusz 3f

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Polish sailing ships: Lwów

Poland has had three STS (sail training ship): at first Lwów, later Dar Pomorza and now Dar Młodzieży. Although Lwów is named "cradle of the Polish navigators", it is often forgotten. It was launched in 1869 in Great Britain and it was the transport ship - it sailed to India and transported goods and people. After that it was sold to Italy, later to Netherlands and there Master Mariner Gustaw Kański found it. Polish Naval Academi bought this ship in 1920. Students had been trained on Lwów's deck in years 1921 - 1929, before Dar Pomorza came into service. Lwów, during its serviced, had to transport some goods, because ship didn't get any money from country, so it had to earn its own money - maintenance the sailing ship is very expensive. Here was a merit of captains - found the cargo for sailing ship under unknown flag (Poland just 5 years ago came back on maps - 123 years there wasn't independence Poland) and without guarantee (unless winds helped, cargo couldn't be delivered) wasn't easy. Money is necessary - buying water, food, ropes (on Lwów 16 km ropes was used), sailcloth and more. 
After 1929 Lwów was barracks for Polish navy, in 1938 it was sold for scrap (the proposal of make the ship - museum was rejected).
During Lwów's service it sailed 65 000 miles and it was the first Polish ship which sailed across equator.

General characteristics:
tonnage: 1293 t
lenght: 85,1 m
height: 33,5 m
depth: 6,9 m 
sail area: 1500 square metre 

Mateusz 3f

Polish sailing ships: Kapitan Borchardt

Kapitan Borchardt is very important ship for me for two reasons – on it was my first sea voyage and my childhood’s favourite book is “Znaczy Kapitan” (now its still my favourite book) – the book which was written by Karol Olgier Borchardt.
That sailing ship’s story started in 1918 in the Netherlands. It was built as a oceanic transport ship named “Nora”. At first it didn’t have any engine that’s why it has so big sail area. It was sold to German in 1923 (here was installation the first engine) and some years later it had an accident at Thames - effect was it lost its the oryginal clipper bow. During WWII it was used as place to training Kriegsmarines. After War it came back to Netherlands, then to Sweden, again to Netherlands and once more to Sweden. In 2011 Najaden was given to Polish sailors and 8th October 2011 was naming a ship - new name is Kapitan Borchardt. In fact it had a lot of names: Nora, Harlingen, Möwe, Vadder Gerrit, In Spe, Utskär, Najaden, Kapitan Borchardt.
Now it sailing one/two weeks voyages on Baltic Sea or longer voyages to Atlantic. 

General characteristics:
tonnage: 173 t
lenght: 45 m
depth: 3,21 m 
sail area: 10 sails
                  600 square metre 
crew: 41 trainees + pernament staff

Mateusz 3f

Saturday, 26 May 2018

OMG, the last one!

In a month, I am finishing the gymnasium I attended for three years. I've learned many things for three years. I understood how many things work. I feel much smarter. In this school I got to know my weaknesses and strengths. I know  subjects at i am good at and knowwhat direction  I should develop. Now I know that chemistry is my hated subject. After finishing school, I will burn all chemistry notebooks. I fell my English is much better than earlier. I see progress.